PRCA 3330- Being Social in a Media Driven World

It seems like everyone has a facebook these days, even the 16th  president of the United States can boast about how many “friend request” he receives on a daily basis. I am personally the proud mother of a facebook, myspace, and twitter account, and can now also add my newly born wordpress blog to the list. I do admit that my twitter and myspace pages could use some tender love and care, but even though I don’t visit them often its good to know they are there. But why is that? Why do we feel the need to join these social networking sites?

For me personally its the convenience factor. I went to a college far away from home, so it gives me a place to still keep in touch with my high school friends with out cell phone roaming charges. It also gives you a chance to let your voice be heard. I’m sure Abe would be happy to know that we don’t take our rights for granted in this country (and I will let him know… by using the facebook message function) and that we have no problem using our first amendment right of freedom of speech, whether it be by wall post or status update.

Online social networking sites are also beneficial when it comes to working towards and furthering your career. You can network with people who work in the field you would like to work in and who can help you a long your way.

I know that there are the negatives but for me (for this post anyway) I think the good outweighs the bad when it comes to social networking sites. So what do you think? Does the good outweigh the bad, or do you believe the scale tips in the opposite direction?


One response to “PRCA 3330- Being Social in a Media Driven World

  1. Erica, I believe social networking sites are the beginning of a new age. I feel as though it has opened the door to new possibility that would not have been possible without a strong network that has no boundaries. I’m glad to see that you are enjoying getting your blog started and look forward to reading more!

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