PRCA 3330 – On.. Grammar Girl: Active vs. Passive Voice

I decided to write my blog entry about Grammar Girl on her post “Active     Voice Versus Passive Voice.” I picked this entry because I felt it related to our first weeks reading, and because its an area of grammar that I have a problem with. She “broke” down the rules behind passive and active voice in a way that I found easier to understand.

What I learned:

In active voice the subject is doing the action, in passive voice, the “receiver” of the action is placed in the subject position. So instead of, Jack loves Jill.. Jill is loved by Jack. She gave an example that I appreciate, since I think it will be easy to remember and will help me in the future. She used Marvin Gays “I heard it through the grapevine” as her example as active voice, and “It was heard by me through the grapevine” as her example of passive voice.

What surprised me:

I found it surprising that passive sentences may be cryptic and obscure, but are not grammatically incorrect; they just aren’t thought of as the best way to convey your thoughts. It can come across as vague and awkward, and lets face it, slightly annoying. In my opinion, using passive voice seems like taking the scenic route when you are running late, taking a long time to get to the point.

What I would like to learn more about:

I would like to learn more about grammar from grammar girls perspective. Me and grammar aren’t the best of friends, so I don’t spend much free time learning the rules of grammar. Reading grammar girls blog however, was painless and I admit, entertaining. It’s good to know that I have a resource that can make the often times boring (in my opinion) study of grammar fun.

What did you find interesting about Grammar Girls blog? Do you think you will use her entries as a tool the next time you have a grammar problem?


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