PRCA 3330- Chp. 2 Becoming A Persuasive Writer

Every week I will be reading a chapter from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox , and writing a brief entry of what I learned from the reading. This weeks entry will be about Chapter 2, Becoming a Persuasive Writer. Here are some key points and ideas that i felt were important to remember:

Many of you who have already had communications classes (which you must likely have since you are in an upper level PR course) remember our three friends ethos, pathos, and logos. Aristotle created these three ideas, which relate to “logical argument”, “emotional appeal”, and “source credibility” while teaching rhetoric, the art of using language effectively and persuasively. This means that the ancient Greeks were writing persuasively over 2,000 years ago.

PR writers spend the majority of their working day working on material that will motivate and persuade.

It is important in Public Relations to be ethical, and the chapter also talks about how to persuade ethically. Be truthful, make sure you tell the whole story. Be authentic, do not intentionally deceive. Be respectful, don’t insult your audiences intelligence. Equity, don’t take advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge. and be responsible socially, make sure to serve the common good.

There was a large amount of information that I found helpful in this chapter. You can purchase this book: “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox” at

What do you think the most important thing to remember is when you are writing persuasively?


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