PRCA3330-“How Are We Doing?” The Importance of Blog Comments list 10 reasons why commenting is good for bloggers. The site, whose tagline is “the business of blogging and news media” list these reasons:

  • Its the right thing to dowe like getting comments from others, so we should give comments as well. Treat others like you want to be treated.
  • make friends and influence people get yourself out there, make friends
  • clicks people click your link and go to your blog
  • develop a blogger’s eye –  find the point of interest in the story, helps you to see what makes a story interesting
  • create “commentable” content by commenting on post you like, it helps you to write post that others will comment on
  • comments=ideascould your comment develop in to a post? maybe…
  • you never know who is readingyou never know who will see your comments, and be interested in what else you have to say
  • what you give you get more ofgive more. get more.
  • keep match fitthe more your write the better you get at it!
  • comment on fresh blogs for fresh perspective comment on a new blog everyday, it exposes you to different types of people & ideas

I agree with, but here’s my personal opinion:

why are comments an integral part of blogs?

Blog comments are like those card they leave for guest at restaurants. They allow the author to know how they are doing. If the author isn’t writing content that people are interested in they will receive little or no comments, and if they are doing well they will receive more comments and even comments that tell them they are doing well. This will allow the author to reevaluate what they are writing and know what tweaks to make to sustain an effective blog.

what advice would I offer on writing effective blog comments?

I say the most effective comments are those that exist! Even if you are worried about what your comments will look like, just take a risk and write it anyway. Practice makes perfect, keep commenting on what you find interesting, your opinions, and give the blog author your perspective. Eventually, you will be writing effective blog comments, and hopefully, receiving them as well.


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