PRCA 3330- NewsU Cleaning Your Copy

This weeks TOW (Topic of The Week) will be about the NewsU course Cleaning Your Copy.

What did you learn?

I learned that there are many rules regarding AP style, punctuation, grammar, and spelling that I was not clear on. The course was very helpful in teaching these rules in a way that helped you to learn. As soon as you were done reading the information a short quiz appeared that allowed you to test your knowledge and see if you should go on to the next topic, or go back and learn more about areas you had trouble with.

What surprised you?

I was most surprised about how things I tend to believe I’m good at (like spelling) are actually hard when it comes to certain words. There were also words with two meanings that I realized I had been using wrong and AP rules that I had been neglected with no awareness to their existence.

What did you want to learn more about?

AP style in general is something that I need to learn more about since it has become important in all of my classes (not just my public relations classes) and if I want to become a better writer it is something that I need to spend more time with. Lucky for me this week our PR Writing class is taking  undergoing AP style Boot camp, so hopefully we will come out in tip top shape when it comes to writing using AP rules.


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