Blog Comments

This is where I will keep a running tally of my blog comments. It will pretty much be the who/what/when of my blog comments..

1. ap style bootcamp:: flagging your ap style book; Barbara Nixon


“Thank you for posting the AP Style boot camp; hopefully will better prepare me for the war on grammatical errors. Your video pretty much covered the areas where I have the most trouble when it comes to AP style. I put my multicolored tabs in my style book so hopefully the next time I need the answers to an AP style question I will be able to find them quickly. I think I am good at getting my ideas on paper (or on the internet) but when it comes to AP style or grammar in general some training would do a lot of good. Thank you again!!”

2. PR Writing Blog Highlights 1; Natalia Daies


“Hey Natalia! I wanted to thank you for highlighting me in your blog. I’m glad that you found my post entertaining and that you noticed that i was trying to add a personal touch to my post. I also wanted to tell you that I liked the layout of your blog, especially your custom header, it shows a lot about your personality. I agree with ^ Jessica, this highlight makes me feel better about my blogging… now that I know I’m headed in the right direction it will help me to be more comfortable writing. I look forward to having you as my peer blogging liaison 🙂 and I’m sure this wont be the last time I comment on your blog!

3.If You Have To Cry Go Outside! [Kell on Earth];Jasmine Stewart


“Hey Jasmine! I really wanted to watch “Kell on Earth” but sadly I don’t have bravo here in Stateboro- so I am OVERLY JOYED at the fact that you mentioned it is on Hulu, and I will be watching it as soon as I get out of class today. Kelly Catrone is brutal,I don’t know if you’re a “Hills” fan but Peoples Revolution has been featured on that show as well as the place where Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port work. I love that peoples revolution isn’t just about fashion but is business savvy as well. I would love to work there too- being yelled at by Kelly Catrone would be an honor!”

4. Sausage?!; Lindsey Addison


okay okay, I admit I loved Tinley! I think she was perfect for Jake, his parents loved her, even he admitted that she would bring so much happiness into a home… I mean she would, she was like a real life Disney Princess :) … I do however think that Vienna is getting a lot of backlash and I’m not exactly sure why. I know she was kind of over the top and maybe came on a little too strong, but maybe that is what Jake liked. I feel like he almost eliminated her based on what the other girls thought of her and not how he felt. Maybe people would be less prone to infidelity in relationships if they married who they wanted to marry not just who everyone thought they “should” marry. I hope they have a long and happy life together, and I know Tinley will find someone perfect for her, after all every disney princess deserves a happy ending

5.“Kell on Earth” …But is it Really?; Carrie Abramson


I totally agree. I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of bad things written about her on the web. People criticize the show because they think some things aren’t realistic (like the printer breaking in episode 1) but it is a reality TV show, so without drama people aren’t going to watch. Even though I know that working for Peoples Revolution would have me making trips outside often (because I’m sure I would have to cry) I would love to work for someone like Kelly Cutrone. Sometimes the best way to learn is from experience, she doesn’t baby her employees or interns and I think that’s a good thing.

6. Celebrities Using the “R” Word; Kelsey Hendrix


Thanks for bringing attention to his issue; often times we (myself included) often get so caught up and comfortable with “slang” usage that we forget how hurtful our word choices may be. Certain words don’t mean the same thing across the board to all people and the “R” word is an example. I’m really impressed by all of the examples you listed, it shows how often this word is used and how often it is over looked as just another word. We could all benefit by taking a moment to think before we speak, especially when our words can be demeaning or hurtful to others.

7. How PR Folks Drive Journalist Nuts!;Jessica Dudley


I like the way you cited other people in your post, that gives their blog publicity and gives other people a link to learn more about the topic your discussing so I think that’s really cool. Its kinda funny that our topic is basically what people in the profession we want to be in do wrong, but its good because we know not what to do. 5 & 7 are the two areas I have trouble with, I need some much needed work on APA and remembering things :)

8. Are Bloggers Journalists?; Michelle Vegliante


I noticed that from the reading too; I wonder though, if you could go blog by blog on defining whether or not the author can be considered a journalist. There are some blogs that are just based on current events, but some of them do seem more oriented towards news gathering. I guess that stating opinions on news does make it less of a legit journalistic form, and like you said if the line between what is considered news and what is considered “blog news” starts to blur, people may start to confuse opinion with news- good post!

9. Twitter in Retrospect; Lauren Woodard


I had Mrs. Mallard (like the duck :D ) for marketing too. And I agree with her- to an extent. Yes, we could all benefit from slowing down and smelling the roses. I think she was the teacher that told me that sending a letter may be better than sending an email, and that calling someone is more beneficial then just sending a text. It’s important to interact with people, not just electronics. It is also important to note that keeping up with technology makes use more effective; especially when it comes to the social media aspect of PR. When it comes to having a phone that has internet and email or being able to use an interface like twitter, it seems necessary to join in, or we risk being left behind.

10. Jessica Simpson Speaks Out!; Jessica Teal


Tisk Tisk John (I can not say this enough) I watched Jessica’s interview on Oprah and I have to say that I think she handled the situation very well. She did not resort to name calling or badmouthing John Mayer- she acknowledged that she was hurt and confused but seemed to be taking the whole thing very well. My favorite line from the interview had to be her saying “Well.. it could be worst.. my phone is ranging of the hook”, it is such a good example of when Public Relations is done right! She turned a negative into a positive. Now she has a show on VH1 and she is back in the lime light- all because her ex boyfriend tried to humiliate her publicly, way to go Jessica!

11. One Billion Online Views ; Kristina Bundy


Lady Gaga is an attention magnet- it makes perfect sense to me that she would be the only member of the billion views club. Her songs are always on the billboard charts, her performances and music videos are strange and are not easily understood without explanation- I’m sure some of those view come from people trying to find one. I agree that Perez probably has a lot to do with this too, whenever he find interest in a celebrity- his followers follow. Without the internet and social networking I think a lot of artist (like Lady Gaga) wouldn’t be the mega stars they are today

12. PR Connection; Shelly Martin


Tiger did make a lot of mistakes when it came to his public persona- but it does make me think he may have cared about his private life more than the media lets on. When it comes to athletes fans are more willing to forgive someone that is still active (cough kobe) as oppose to someone who chooses to take a hiatus, if he would have continued to play golf before the masters people would remember what they liked about him-not just what they didn’t.

13. Ke$ha the Next Gaga? ; Martine Howell


thank you for bringing attention to the epidemic of sing/talking/rapping that has spread through out the music community. That clip from the eighties is hilarious! I heard on the radio once that Ke$ha and Lady Gaga were god sisters? Weird, I haven’t looked to see if that was true though! I’m an apple addict as well and I have to agree with you- iju$tine’s very is sung better and I like the theme better!

14. If You Have To Cry…Go Outside; Michelle Blubagh


I read Kelly Cutrone’s book and it ended up being a lot different from a how to book, you know, what to do and what not to do. She offers relevant advice to remember when it comes to interning and working in any career- from how to dress and how to act. Even though she is clearly far from the bottom now, she still writes about the importance of checking your ego at the door and understanding that you have to work your way to the top, and that the work isn’t necessarily going to be easy. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should!

15. Top Ten Blogging Tips; Nicole Barlow


Those are some really good tips on how to best use a blog. 10, write things that interest you- has been helpful to me because when you write about things that you find interesting it is easy to make your writing provoking and spark someone else’s interest as well. Tip 7 has helped me out a lot with my blog, seeing how other PR professionals and PR students blog help me to see how best to reach my audience and to stay current on what other people targeting the same audience think are important topics to blog about. Nice post!

16. Roethlisberger Isn’t In The Clear Yet;Haley Barnes


I have been following this Ben Roethlisberger story as well- I’m watching ESPN right now and apparently he is being suspended for 6 games, which is pretty much half of the football season. It sucks that the whole team has to suffer for his behavior, but I agree that it is good PR. Having that type of behavior, legal or not associated with an organization is definitely not a good idea.

17. So Why Do I Get Negative Reactions From People When I Tell Them I’m Minoring in PR?; Matt Cook


First, let me say that Kristina’s comment about moving to “Europe and blast the U.S.” is hilarious, second I think that your uncle may be the member of a pretty large club of people who think Public Relations is a synonym for Lying Manipulations. The truth is, PR people present things at an angle, and angles are often bias. There are ethical ways of going about public relations and there are also ways to sell a product, brand, event, etc. without blatantly lying and manipulating the people. The best way to change the opinions of people is to show them through experience,- show them that PR people aren’t manipulators (and what better venue to do that then an event?? :) )

18. PR Connection; Jessica Dudley


The NFL does such smart PR- he’s lucky to be a member of an organization that knows how to handles these situations. So many athletes have gotten in trouble for similar allegations and somehow have made it back into good standings with fans. The truth of the matter is that sometimes it doesn’t matter what your character is, but how good you are at playing football. Ben’s an asset to the Steelers, and it pretty sad that the whole team is going to have to go 6 games without their star quarterback.

19. Tips For New Bloggers, Get Excited! ;Lauryn Williams


These are all really good tips, I like the ones about using hyperlinks and graphics. Without those things to attract attention, it can be hard to get someone to take interest in your particular blog since there are so many that exist- its good to make yours stand out. Tip #11 has to be my favorite, it may be harsh but it’s true, whenever I’m searching for blogs to read and comment on I always skip the post on someones fun weekend or personal issue- I can see if it is relevant to the central topic of your blog, but some topics just aren’t easy to relate to.

20. PR Connection #10;Rebecca Candle


Ha! I watched that episode in Intro To PR! It was a really good (and funny) example of crisis PR. I thought the scene where Michael holds the press conference was really funny too- he has a sense of importance that is clearly over rated compared to the actual situation. I always think it is cool to see public relations situations on television, and a show like The Office makes it enjoyable.

21. PRSSA @ Relay For Life!; Megan Long


The PRSSA events sound like so much fun! It looks like you guys get real life PR training, and its cool that there is a program like that here at GSU. I’ve always wanted to join PRSSA but it seems like I’ve always been scheduled to work during the meetings. Very cool that you guys raised money for relay for life, and good job raising so much money!

22.Twitter and Celebrities; Caroline Rawlins


Doing public relations for celebrities has to be an extremely hard undertaking. They are constantly being interviewed and followed so it is hard to keep track of everything they say- especially since everything they say may end up in print! When they decide to share there opinion on twitter- they have to realize they are public figures and that even their “tweets” are analyzed and can impact their careers. I’m pretty sure that is why celebrities like Miley Cyrus have to close their twitter accounts, and why John Mayer had to take a “hiatus” from twitter. By the way, I love how your blog is so organized, it makes it really easy to navigate!!

23. Public Relations Internship;Kate Kavanaugh


Internships have caused a lot of stress for me as well! I will be graduating in Spring 11, but I really want to graduate in Fall 10, but my internship will have to be completed in Spring 11 (if that makes sense..) I would like to do my internship somewhere I would like to live after graduation (which most likely wont be Georgia) but it is really hard to find one with our program. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person in this boat- I’m sure you’ll be able to find great internship experience in Pennsylvania, good luck with everything!

24. Misleading Cervical Cancer Commercial; Brigitte Gausche


My TV is usually just background noise that plays while I’m doing school work (like my PR blog!) so it took about three times of hearing this strange commercial for me to look up and see what it was. Shocking- yes very, but I guess it gets the point across. Whoever thought to link cervical cancer and perfume is either very smart- or very strange. It does get peoples attention and I guess that is the point of the commercial. And yes (like most of the comments have mentioned) it does take you of guard every time!

25. PR Connections 6; Lauren Whitener


Using Facebook to market products is very smart- especially when it comes to reaching the target audience of young adults- since that is who usually using the Facebook platform. Making “fan groups” is a great way to sale a product. I’m a fan of victoria secret on Facebook and they post coupons, giveaways, and let members of the fan group know when there is going to be a sale. The fact that so many people are connected to facebook via their laptops and phones makes it so that people who use facebook are always connected to their brand. Facebook has become so much more than the college networking utility it started out as, and companies are reaping the benefits


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