PRCA 3330-Chp 4. Finding and Making News

This weeks reading from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques was about the important and difficult process of making news and finding news in the public relations industry. So here are some key points that I felt were important to remember from the reading:

  • Publicity is the result of a public relations program that is conducted by providing information to be published or broadcast, the writer who writes the stories to be placed in the media is known as the publicist. Publicist must know and be capable of 3 things: 1) be aware of traditionally journalistic news value 2) they must know how to find news, and what the best angle to disseminate this news to the public will be 3) they must be strategic in effectively breaking through the noise of other competing messages.
  • There are four obstacles that publicist deal with when attempting to to generate news coverage: 1) gatekeepers, these reporters and editors decide what is news worthy 2) the incredibly shrinking news hole, loss of advertising dollars causes newspapers to have less pages, which means less space for advertising, which causes more competition among the hundreds of news releases and story ideas that editors and publishers receive each day 3) the traditional news media is now fragmented, it is no longer to reach the masses through one medium, today’s publicist should and must be able to work on multiple formats; this is increasingly important when it comes to using the internet.
  • A public relations writer should constantly monitor current events and situations that may affect the organization and provide opportunities for publicity.

To read more about what tools will help you to find what is newsworthy and make sure that you have the knowledge necessary to get these newsworthy ideas in the news check out “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox”


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