PRCA 3330-Superbowl XLIV Advertisments

So, maybe I think of Super Bowl Sunday as more of a time to eat large amounts of food and spend time with friends (kind of like thanksgiving, but less formal) than a time for me to root on my favorite football team but I am a die hard fan of super bowl commercials. My favorite advertisement this year had to be Google’s “Parisian Love” for two reasons: one, I’m a Google-holic (and yes, they do exist) and two I may be a little obsessed with the French language and Paris in general (which can easily be deducted, I’m sure, from my layout). The ad had my undivided attention when it aired, and it reminded me of how dependent I am on the search engine, how easy it is to use, and how much information it makes readily available. I’m going to assume that the target audience was people in my age group (early 20’s to late 20’s) who are interested in travel, who are attached to their tech devices (cell phones and laptops) and who like themes like love and life achievement.

My least favorite commercials are any created by I get it, it’s too racy for television and you want us to go online and check it out because we are so intrigued by the idea of you using sex to get our attention. I just wish they would come up with an attempt to get the attention of the masses that was not so insulting to my intelligence. I guess that target audience are young men that like girls, fast cars, and that high five each other while watching advertisements that have been banned.


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