PRCA 3330- A Week of Tweeting

This weeks T.O.W. (topic of the week) was based on an assignment where we used the networking utility twitter for a week. After adding my professor Barbara Nixon’s “follow starter pack for PR students” I was amazed at what I found on twitter. It was like looking in on another world with its own intricate system of language, a language that I could not understand. I had no idea how many public relations professionals used twitter as a means to network, bring traffic to their blogs, and give helpful information to each other. I found that three of my professors used twitter as a way to post assignments and upcoming events taking place in Georgia Southern University’s Communication Arts department (which is very convenient for me as a student of that department). I watched my fellow public relations writing classmates talk about what they were doing in their other PR classes, sometimes even reminding me of assignments I needed to be working on. I found out about news from news organizations that have twitter accounts like CNN in real time. I also found it helpful to post my blog entries on twitter as a way to show others what I was writing. I downloaded tweetdeck which organizes the people you follow on twitter, allowing you to see what people are tweeting about in a way that is more organized than the regular twitter platform.

I am far from twitter savvy, when it comes to the world of micro-blogging I haven’t quite gotten my “niche” so to speak. I still haven’t grasped how to use twitter in a way that sparks the interest of others and allows me to interact with my followers. After this week of twitter, I am motivated to find a way to use twitter that will help me become better at using social media to network and to communicate with like-minded people. Right now I’m reviewing these links from Barbara Nixon’s blog, Public Relations Matters: Twitter for Public Relations Students, College Students Guide: Twitter 101, and Twitter: Whats In It for Me? So hopefully these will give me some much needed insight.

What do you think is the most important thing college students (like myself) should remember when using twitter? What advice do you have to give someone who wants to spark the interest of others and interact with followers while using twitter?

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One response to “PRCA 3330- A Week of Tweeting

  1. Erica

    First off, I really like your blog header. . . personalized!

    Second, thanks for this post. It was great that you promoted your post about Twitter by USING Twitter.

    Smart. Very smart.


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