What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You

This isn’t your mom’s “guide on how to be successful” book; actually it’s anything but. Kelly Cutrone’s If You Have To Cry Go Outside: and other things your mother never told you, is proof in writing that everyone in the public relations field isn’t a soulless heartless master of spin. The book follows Cutrone’s setbacks as she (almost by accident) tripped and fell into her destiny: becoming a publicist. She fearlessly writes about the darkest times in her life along with the high points, all under the disclaimer: “I’m not here to tell you how to get the perfect Margiela wardrobe or the perfect man or the perfect job in fashion. I’ve had all these things (though not all at once), and trust me, there is a bigger prize to be had.”

The book centers on the idea of following your “inner voice” trusting your intuition and banishing fear that leaves us “in-active” and following the same destructive patterns in life.

Cutrone also gives advice on how to complete and ask for an internship successfully, how to create your own personalized religion, and how to become a power girl in a world dominated by men.

I found the book inspiring and motivating. It made me want to pour myself into my aspiration of becoming a publicist. Not just treating college as a means to an end, but treating all of my classes as the end themselves. I want to graduate (I don’t think I know one person who wants to stay in college forever… well maybe one person) but sometimes I’m so focused on the cap and gown that I forget that I’m here to learn. It reminded me to take a breath and appreciate what was going on around me, and I think that is what Cutrone was hoping readers would get out of the book.

Gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale and follow your inner voice wherever it takes you

Kelly Cutrone

You can purchase If You Have To Cry Go Outside: and other things your mother never told you here at Books-A-Million.com, Kelly Cutrone is also the star of Bravo’s hit series Kell on Earth Monday 10/9c.


4 responses to “What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You

  1. I’d never heard of Kelly Cutrone before I read you post a few days ago. I think I may go and buy that book now. As a woman, it’s nice to get another woman’s perspective on how to get ahead in what has been for many years primarily a white man’s world.

    Here lately like you said, I have been so focused on hurrying up and getting things done quickly in order to graduate ASAP. I haven’t been taking the time to actually sit down and learn things in certain classes (particularly Comm. Theories). I’m hoping that over spring break I will have a chance for some actual learning. Thanks for reminding me to breathe as well.

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  3. I love to read books and this one sounds extremely interesting! I usually only read the books to waste time and the books that do not cause you to do much thinking. I’ve never heard of the author of this specific book before but the way you explained it caused it to be very appealing. I am a junior in college and need to become prepared for what’s to come when I graduate next spring. I always seem to question myself so a book on following intuition would probably be good for me to read. I will definitely keep this book in mind next time I am at the book store!

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