PRCA3330- NewsU Lead Lab

This week’s T.O.W was on the NewU Lead Lab course.

What I learned:

when choosing the right lead you should make sure to pay attention to time, the readers needs, and exclusivity. I also learned about direct leads “tell me the news” and delayed leads “tell me a story”.

What surprised me:

First I was surprised that the course was set up like an interactive “laboratory” that you could explore with your mouse. It was a little confusing, but I thought it was more interesting than the usually “read-along then get tested” courses. Another thing that surprised me was that the course debunked a lot of myths about leads. I learned that all leads don’t have to be less than four lines, that leads don’t have to contain attribution, and that sometimes it is okay for a lead to begin with a quote.

What I want to learn more about:

I liked that the course allows you to post leads that you have written to a forum so that people can critique your leads and give you feedback. I would like to try this part of the course out once I start writing more leads.

So how did you like the NewsU lead lab?


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