PRCA 3330 Chp. 8 -Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

This week’s reading was about using photos and graphics in public relations Here are some of the key points i found from the reading. Here are some key points I found important to remember from the reading:

  • All photos sent to the media need a caption, brief text under the photo that tells the reader about the picture and its source. Example:

this is me and my boyfriend kevin at the piano bar on our cruise during spring break

  • Photo news releases (PNRs) are photos with larger captions that are distributed to the media without any accompanying news release- the caption tells the entire story.
  • Make sure photos have the key elements of sharp detail and good contrast so the photo reproduces well on everything from glossy magazine pages to cheap newsprint.
  • Action shots are important because it projects movement and the idea that something is happening right before the readers eyes. Photos taken spontaneously when the subjects are not aware of the camera are considered the best action photos.

To learn more about using pictures and graphics in public relations check out “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox” at

3 responses to “PRCA 3330 Chp. 8 -Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

  1. I really like these notes of chapter 8. It was clever to insert a picture with a caption as an example for the readers. Now that we have all actually written a caption with a photo and turned it in as a grade I can really see how this should be done. I liked the website that Professor Nixon gave us to go to for that assignment. It would probably be useful to attach it to these notes of yours! How did you attach the photo? I have been having a really hard time making my photos the right size on my blog posts.

    • Hey! When you are in the “word processor” for the blog, beside [upload/insert] if you click on the first box beside it- it allows you to upload photos from you computer- after you upload it go to [show] the photo- underneath the photo you can choose (thumbnail/small/large) and (middle/right/left) after you choose the size and position click (insert into post) and that should do it! let me know if you need any more help with the pictures : )

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