Pause Before You Play PSA

Bristol Palin is appearing in a public service announcement for Candies teen pregnancy awareness foundation. The message: “pause before you play.” In the announcement a polished Bristol ask the question “what if I didn’t come from a famous family?”, the scene then changes to Bristol wearing a worn white t and jeans and she says “It wouldn’t be pretty”. The 19 year old says teen pregnancy “changes literally every aspect of your life, and if girls realized how hard it was to be a teen mom, they would think twice about having sex without the proper education and proper knowledge” (via

Here is the PSA along with comments from Bristol Palin from theInsider

I personally think it is very brave of her to put her personal life in the public eye in hopes to teach other teens that having a baby isn’t easy. I also like that she pointed out that her life as a teen mom would be drastically different if she didn’t have the support of her famous family. Sometimes watching television shows like MTV’s 16 and pregnant or seeing teen celebrities like Jamie Lynn Spears raise children at a young age can make teen pregnancy seem like a walk in the park- even glamorous; I’m glad that Candies and Bristol are showing how “ugly” it can really be.

What do you think about the PSA? Do you think Bristol Palin comes off as hypocritical?


One response to “Pause Before You Play PSA

  1. Erica,
    I completely agree with you about Bristol Palin’s PSA. I first saw the ad on one of the major news networks that was criticizing Palin’s ad, which I find unfair. While Bristol Palin is obviously not the prime example of abstinence, she is still trying to help young women not make the same mistakes as her. And like it or not, her PSA is very accurate about how Palin’s life might have been had she not had a VP candidate for a mom. I agree that sometimes shows like 16 and Pregnant glamorize teenage pregnancy, and regardless of your political leanings, a PSA about young women making better sexual health decisions is always helpful.

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