PRCA 3330 Chp 14- Writing Email, Memos, and Proposal

This weeks reading was about writing emails, memos, and proposals. Here are some of the key points I thought were important to remember from the chapter:

  • when writing emails memos and proposals make sure to follow these general guidelines: completeness make sure that your writing has the information needed to serve its purpose, conciseness brevity less is better, correctness be accurate in everything you write, courtesy writing should be polite and personal but not over familiar, and responsibility think about how your communication will be received by the recipient.
  • Memorandums (memos) are brief written messages usually a page or less in length which can serve almost any communication purpose (supply information, confirm a verbal message, ask for a meeting, schedule or cancel a meeting, etc.)
  • Memos should be one page or less and state key messages immediately. A memo should have 5 components: 1. Date 2. To 3. From 4. Subject and 5. The Message

If you would like to learn more about writing emails, memos, and proposals check out “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox” at


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