PRCA 3330- Journalist & PR People: The Ultimate Frenemies

Top 10 Reason PR people drive Journalist Crazy!

  1. Journalists say PR people have a tendency to spin things (make them interesting..just kidding) but seriously, they feel like PR people are so focused on what they are trying to sell that they change stories to fit their agenda
  2. Journalists think that PR people have no clue when it comes to what is newsworthy, often times reporting on events that appeal to their interest- or to their clients interest (it is in the job description people) instead of things that are relevant or current
  3. Journalists don’t like hype, words like “best” “revolutionary” and news releases that sound like commercials- they start to think that PR people are incompetent
  4. Unsolicited emails, faxes, and phone calls from PR people can become irritating and annoying
  5. PR people that don’t have enough background information on the product or service that they represent
  6. Repeated calls and follow ups – asking why certain things were not published
  7. Missing publication deadlines (if there is one thing I have learned from college- meet your deadlines-they call them dead lines because if you don’t meet them the chance of you getting a grade or in this case sharing your story, is a “dead” one)
  8. They resent gifts.. okay gimmicks, that often times come with a news release. (I personally love t-shirts and mugs, but that’s just me)
  9. Journalist feel like PR people are not available or have “no comment”
  10. They want PR people to act more like shortcuts and less like scenic routes- connect them with the meat of the story, no additives, no fancy place settings, just the dish itself

How do you think PR people drive journalist crazy??

For more on the topic from a journalism perspective, check out “What Journalists Really Want From PR People” by Paul Furiga


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