PRCA 3330- PR Podcast – Coming Up PR EP. 5

I chose to listen to Coming Up PR because it was a podcast angled at pr “beginners” like myself. I also chose this pod cast because I saw a link labeled “League of Kickass Business People” in the podcast outlined intrigued? Yes I was.

Mike Cheryl and Mary (the host of Coming Up PR) talked about a student event they had attended called CPRS 360 Degrees- “a student networking event where student choose what pr industry they would like to find out more about”

One of the key elements I found important from the podcast was the topic of knowing what side of PR you want to work on? Agency or Corporate?

The Verdict: Experience is the best teacher, the best way to learn which side of PR you should work on is to experience it first hand

Another key point: people in the PR industry help each other out, don’t be afraid to ask- because many people in the PR field are willing to help

Why I think that podcast like “Coming Up PR” are beneficial to PR students or new PR practitioners?

Listening to students talking about an event in PR that you haven’t attended allows you to live vicariously through them- they share their experience which gives insight into PR people you may have not have known about and PR events and networking opportunities you may have not been aware of. I will definitely be listening in again.

Check out Coming Up PR; and word to the wise, brought to you via Coming Up PR “check your ego at the door”


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