Public Relations,The Fabulous Life?

Okay, so I’m a huge Sex and The City fan. Why? Because I like to watch people with fabulous jobs drink fabulous martinis in fabulous clothes while visiting fabulous places. The one job that I think is important to pay attention to (and you should too) is that of Samantha Jones, publicist to the stars. Yes, I realize that it is a show/movie but does every one? Are we (public relations students) aware of what we have signed up for, or do some of us think that our degree may be a fast track to the fabulous life?

After reading some blog post on the topic (check out this post from Culture Feast ) I realized that many people, myself included, found out pretty quickly that the public relations we see on the tv and the public relations that is actually done are two very different things.

Maybe that’s why the E! documentary The Spindustry got bad reviews from PR people (check out this post about Spindustry on littlepinkbookpr). There is hard work involved, it isn’t easy, and it is good to find that out sooner than later if you’re interested in studying public relations.

Here is the trailer for The Spindustry, for all those who haven’t seen it:

It takes only one Intro to PR class to realize that the job is multifaceted, by no means just about rubbing elbows and getting photographers water.

What do you think?- does the media give public relations a bad name, or are all these misinterpretations of PR good publicity (because all publicity is good publicity)?


5 responses to “Public Relations,The Fabulous Life?

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  2. Erica,

    I feel the “Spindustry” series truly gives PR professionals a bad name. Mainly because the show follows very priveldged, snobby professionals. The assistants, who are all woman, are all beautuful LA girls (who apparently just strip in the middle of the office when they are running late) and the main PR guy is just plain rude. This show therefore, gives all PR professionals a bad reputation as being fake and all about celebrities. I feel as though the show should do a better job of promoting itself as a show about celebrity PR, and not general PR.

  3. Eric, I agree that PR is not just a highway ticket to the fabulous life. PR is hard work! I cannot tell you how many of my friends joke with me about my major. They say, “Brigitte, did you stay inside the lines today when you were coloring in class?” I don’t take it to heart, but it does not help when the movies portray us in a skewed image. I have watched part of the Spindustry and I am not a fan. I hope that shows/ movies in the future can relate to the public the true sides of PR.

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