Girl Scouts Missing Money Making Opportunity??

I just watched this hilarious clip from SNL talks about how the girl scouts are sitting on a money making idea that they don’t know is there! Only selling cookies once a year and not making these delectable delights available through online purchase. Are the Girl Scouts doing bad PR? They’ve been around for a long time and their marketing strategy seems to work for them, but it does make you think, why haven’t they used the internet to their advantage? Why are cookies only available through a quote: “army of little girls?

I couldn’t embed the video, but here is a link to the video via Huffington Post, definitely worth checking out!


One response to “Girl Scouts Missing Money Making Opportunity??

  1. lindsayaddison

    I couldn’t help but stop by and read your post because of the yummy girls scout cookie! When I was little I was a member of the girls scouts and I would always look forward to ‘cookie selling time.’ It’s always fun to sit outside of different places and meet new people that really enjoy a certain type of cookie. They may even drive quite a distance to get that special type of cookie! One of my friends buys about 10 boxes every year and then puts them in the freezer so they will last until the next year when the cookies are being sold again! At first I laughed at her but now I realize how much you crave the cookies when you can’t have them. So I agree with you, that they should sell them more often than just once a year. However, I guess that is what keeps up all of our cravings to go back and buy more! 🙂 Speaking of, I wish I had some right now!

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