PRCA 3330 – Social Media News Release

What is a Social Media News Release?

This is the definition of an Social Media News Release from

a new format of writing press releases that incorporates web-based tools for people to share and discuss the information of the release with one another

Basically, it gives you the opportunity to disseminate information with a platform that allows you to communicate with the people you disseminate the information to.

  • When should a PR practitioner use a Social Media News Release instead of a regular News Release? gives these reasons on why regular press releases may fall short- and why SMNR’s may be the better option:

  1. They have the wrong focus
  2. They are full of marketing speak that can cause readers to “mistrust” information
  3. They do not have a specific audience in mind

For more information on SMNR’s, check out these blogs post:

You can also get templates for SMNR’s here:


PRCA 3330 – 5 Steps To Multimedia Storytelling

This weeks topic is all about the NewsU course 5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling

What did I learn?

The best multimedia stories are mult-dimensional. They include elements that will transfer well to video, graphics, and photos. They are non-linear; don’t think first part, second part- think this part, that part. The first step to multimedia storytelling is creating a storyboard.

What surprised me?

I didn’t realize how much equiptment went into multimedia use. On the section about backpack journalist it had a list of what to bring which included energy bars, a pocket knife, and rubberbands (very MacGyver) I would never have thought that those types of items would be necessary.

What do I want to know more about?

I would like to give it a shot one day; it sounds like a hard process but it also sounds like a lot of fun. Taking an idea from a storyboard to an actual presentation seems like it would be very rewarding. NewsU also listed links to some sites that had good examples of multimedia story telling, so my lesson on multimedia storytelling isn’t going to end with the NewsU course!

What Do You Want From Me?

Okay- I had to do a PR Connection about Tiger Woods. Not because I think he is a horrible scum bag. Not because I have some funny joke involving the witty usage of golf terms and innuendo. I had to do a post about Tiger because I want to know what exactly a person has to do to finally curve the hunger of the seemingly starving media. I just have to know; what exactly do they want from Tiger?

I have seen more than a few blog post on PR advice for Tiger, here is some advice from Business Week, followed by my opinion (of course):

The public likes results. If Tiger played well people would start to forget about his personal life and start focusing on his professional golf career. Okay, so he is playing again.. problem solved.

If you’re a winner that trumps bad behavior. He may not exactly be back on the top, but he isn’t exactly on the bottom.

If the public feels sorry for you it doesn’t matter how crazy you acted. Sorry, I don’t think he is going to have luck with this one.

Apologize and take the heat. The public likes that. Well he has apologized, but the media said that it just wasn’t quite good enough. Come on people- he didn’t cheat on you, he cheated on his wife.

I just have a hard time figuring out what infidelity and golf have in common. Why are we so obsessed with the personal lives of celebrities? What is it that makes us feel like we have been personally betrayed when they end up being someone other than who we thought they were?

Public Relations,The Fabulous Life?

Okay, so I’m a huge Sex and The City fan. Why? Because I like to watch people with fabulous jobs drink fabulous martinis in fabulous clothes while visiting fabulous places. The one job that I think is important to pay attention to (and you should too) is that of Samantha Jones, publicist to the stars. Yes, I realize that it is a show/movie but does every one? Are we (public relations students) aware of what we have signed up for, or do some of us think that our degree may be a fast track to the fabulous life?

After reading some blog post on the topic (check out this post from Culture Feast ) I realized that many people, myself included, found out pretty quickly that the public relations we see on the tv and the public relations that is actually done are two very different things.

Maybe that’s why the E! documentary The Spindustry got bad reviews from PR people (check out this post about Spindustry on littlepinkbookpr). There is hard work involved, it isn’t easy, and it is good to find that out sooner than later if you’re interested in studying public relations.

Here is the trailer for The Spindustry, for all those who haven’t seen it:

It takes only one Intro to PR class to realize that the job is multifaceted, by no means just about rubbing elbows and getting photographers water.

What do you think?- does the media give public relations a bad name, or are all these misinterpretations of PR good publicity (because all publicity is good publicity)?

Pause Before You Play PSA

Bristol Palin is appearing in a public service announcement for Candies teen pregnancy awareness foundation. The message: “pause before you play.” In the announcement a polished Bristol ask the question “what if I didn’t come from a famous family?”, the scene then changes to Bristol wearing a worn white t and jeans and she says “It wouldn’t be pretty”. The 19 year old says teen pregnancy “changes literally every aspect of your life, and if girls realized how hard it was to be a teen mom, they would think twice about having sex without the proper education and proper knowledge” (via

Here is the PSA along with comments from Bristol Palin from theInsider

I personally think it is very brave of her to put her personal life in the public eye in hopes to teach other teens that having a baby isn’t easy. I also like that she pointed out that her life as a teen mom would be drastically different if she didn’t have the support of her famous family. Sometimes watching television shows like MTV’s 16 and pregnant or seeing teen celebrities like Jamie Lynn Spears raise children at a young age can make teen pregnancy seem like a walk in the park- even glamorous; I’m glad that Candies and Bristol are showing how “ugly” it can really be.

What do you think about the PSA? Do you think Bristol Palin comes off as hypocritical?

PRCA 3330 Chp 14- Writing Email, Memos, and Proposal

This weeks reading was about writing emails, memos, and proposals. Here are some of the key points I thought were important to remember from the chapter:

  • when writing emails memos and proposals make sure to follow these general guidelines: completeness make sure that your writing has the information needed to serve its purpose, conciseness brevity less is better, correctness be accurate in everything you write, courtesy writing should be polite and personal but not over familiar, and responsibility think about how your communication will be received by the recipient.
  • Memorandums (memos) are brief written messages usually a page or less in length which can serve almost any communication purpose (supply information, confirm a verbal message, ask for a meeting, schedule or cancel a meeting, etc.)
  • Memos should be one page or less and state key messages immediately. A memo should have 5 components: 1. Date 2. To 3. From 4. Subject and 5. The Message

If you would like to learn more about writing emails, memos, and proposals check out “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox” at

PRCA 3330- Journalist & PR People: The Ultimate Frenemies

Top 10 Reason PR people drive Journalist Crazy!

  1. Journalists say PR people have a tendency to spin things (make them interesting..just kidding) but seriously, they feel like PR people are so focused on what they are trying to sell that they change stories to fit their agenda
  2. Journalists think that PR people have no clue when it comes to what is newsworthy, often times reporting on events that appeal to their interest- or to their clients interest (it is in the job description people) instead of things that are relevant or current
  3. Journalists don’t like hype, words like “best” “revolutionary” and news releases that sound like commercials- they start to think that PR people are incompetent
  4. Unsolicited emails, faxes, and phone calls from PR people can become irritating and annoying
  5. PR people that don’t have enough background information on the product or service that they represent
  6. Repeated calls and follow ups – asking why certain things were not published
  7. Missing publication deadlines (if there is one thing I have learned from college- meet your deadlines-they call them dead lines because if you don’t meet them the chance of you getting a grade or in this case sharing your story, is a “dead” one)
  8. They resent gifts.. okay gimmicks, that often times come with a news release. (I personally love t-shirts and mugs, but that’s just me)
  9. Journalist feel like PR people are not available or have “no comment”
  10. They want PR people to act more like shortcuts and less like scenic routes- connect them with the meat of the story, no additives, no fancy place settings, just the dish itself

How do you think PR people drive journalist crazy??

For more on the topic from a journalism perspective, check out “What Journalists Really Want From PR People” by Paul Furiga